About Us

behind the brand

Our Story

Hi! We are Lautaro & Natalia, founders of Del Sur. After the COVID pandemic, the longing for our roots became more present than ever. We both set out in search of something that would make us feel more at home.

After finding each other on social media, we finally met one afternoon and bonded over mate. At that moment, we had found a piece of Argentina in our everyday lives in the States.

We weren't looking for it, but mate found us.



  • Born in La Plata, Argentina.
  • Moved to New Jersey for college in 2018, and graduated with a Degree in Marketing.
  • Big soccer fan! Will play anywhere, any time.
  • Preferred mate time: As soon as lunch sleepiness starts to hit in.


  • Born in Ambler, Pennsylvania.
  • Daughter of Argentine immigrants.
  • Biochemist working in pharmaceutical compliance.
  • Preferred mate time: All day, it's the perfect company while I'm working.

behind the craft

Our Journey

We take pride in curating mate gourds that transport you to the heart of Argentina with every sip.

Each gourd is a masterpiece, handpicked and meticulously crafted by skilled Argentine artisans.

Behind the purpose

Our Mission

The rich history, cultural significance, and the ritualistic joy of sharing mate with friends and family inspired us to embark on this mission.

Through our products, we invite you to experience the soulful ritual that has been at the heart of Argentine gatherings for generations.

Ready to explore our collections and bring a touch of Argentina to your everyday moments? Join us on this flavorful adventure.